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Best Stock Website

Best Stock Website

The Best Online Platform for Stock Trading: Best Stock Website

A stock exchange is a centralized marketplace for the purchase and sale of shares of publicly listed corporations. Exchange traded products (ETPs) and stocks are the only transferable assets on stock exchanges, setting them apart from other types of exchanges. It is a trading place for the buying and selling of assets, including bonds and stocks. Although most bonds are traded over-the-counter (OTC), stock exchanges may allow the trading of certain corporate bonds.

As the whole world is getting digitized day by day, stock companies have also shifted their database and networking on website. One can easily create accounts, buy and sell exchange with just a click. Upon my understanding, I consider E Trade as the best stock website and here I will discuss its benefits.

E Trading
E Trading

Morgan Stanley owns E-Trade, one of the first internet trading platforms. E-Trade has a plethora of knowledge on all things investing, from risk tolerance to options trading, having years of expertise assisting novice investors. The portal offers research, news, retirement planning tools, and screener tools to assist you in selecting the best assets for your objectives.

E Trade offers attractive monetary lure for its clients. It has no commission on U.S. listed stocks, bonds and options. Options contracts have a 65-cent cost; however, if you trade 30 or more options in a quarter, the fee is waived to 50 cents. Futures contracts include a $1.50 charge. E Trade margin rates are based on stocks, ETFs, and options balance tiers. For instance, balances up to $10,000 have 11.20% margin rate. Investors should be aware that the brokers can change margin rates at their discretion. E Trade provides cost savings for investors seeking no-load mutual funds and U.S. Treasuries bonds

The website has a simple and a user friendly portal with all the necessary information inside it. There are following tabs on home page:

  • Account Types
  • Investment Choices
  • New to Investing
  • Trading
  • Pricing and Rates
  • Knowledge
Stock Trading Website
Stock Trading Website

Easy to Adapt

Moreover, you can easily create an account by clicking on “Open an account” option visible on home page. E Trade also allows its uses to explore banking and create stock plans under the supervision of team of experts ate E Trade. E Trade Pro has been the standard platform for most of the Stockists. It has been great for customizing the workspace with multiple layouts, tools and options. E Trade enables you to switch to preset layouts that adapt to varying viewing environments (external monitors of different size) during travelling.

Furthermore, if you are using a large size external monitor, you can (on one screen) easily view and interact with 5 separate trade charts (each with their own market depth and order entry window), market mover window, news feed window, account positions window and order status window. It also allows to even link windows so that the information you pull up on one will simultaneously be pulled up on others (whichever you choose). This streamlines activity, allowing you to quickly view all of the information and tools you require before making a trade.

  1. Before You log In: When logging in each time, be sure to clear your cache (click the gear box at upper right of login window for access) and make sure to increase the program’s allotted RAM to its maximum option (same window). Of course, you’ll want to be using a computer with fastest processor, largest RAM allocation and quickest internet possible. Also, frequently check computer system for available java updates – you will want to keep those up to date.
  2. Customer Care: As the website is getting huge traffic of new traders, it can take long to get through to customer support (phone and/or message), but their response and guidance pay off the wait in the queue long before you think you will need an immediate answer to anything.
  3. Date Superiority: Most pro traders choose E Trade because no other brokerage will give the same firehose of data that E trade will. The Portfolio Analyzer, Income Estimator, and Performance Analysis in particular are great, you can enjoy portfolio view out of different possibilities and can analyze exactly what you want to know about your portfolio or watch list. E trade can be a game changer for your finance if you already know the business.
  4. Trading Technology: Most of E Trade orders are spray-routed and customers can direct orders to desired venues. E Trade routes its orders to various markets to obtain the best execution. E Trade offers back-testing and dividend reinvestment programs (DRIP) and fractional shares trading for trading strategies. Investors who participate in stock lending can earn interest on the stocks they own and maintain ownership until they decide to sell loaned shares.
  5. Mobile Trade Experience: With most of the people using mobile phone as their primary gadget, E Trade has a wonderful solution by offering trading through its mobile app. it is a popular choice for investors who prefer mobile investing. E Trade provides something smart by offering investors a mobile app as a companion to each of its desktop platforms. Investors who use the E Trade website also have access to the E Trade Mobile app, and Power E Trade users have access to the Power E Trade app.

E*TRADE offers a drawing tool in their mobile platforms’ charting tool. Portfolio reports are also available in E Trade mobile platforms. E Trade even offers screeners in its mobile platforms. E Trade is the clear leader in providing the best mobile trading experience for investors of all trading experience levels.

Best Stock Website
Best Stock Website


It offer two-factor authentication and encryption on all their trading platforms along with biometric logins on their mobile app platforms. E Trade has a dedicated security setup where detailed information is provided about its security procedures for protecting customers’ accounts and assets. Its customers’ assets are protected by the SIPC for up to $500,000 for (including $250,000 for cash). E Trade complies with the SEC’s Customer Protection Rule and provides additional security through its E Trade Complete Protection Guarantee.


Financial advisors are available to all E-Trade clients at no cost. It is crucial to realize that while these individuals will have varied backgrounds, they will all hold the very minimum of broker licenses. For different investors with different fee schedules, investment minimums, and financial conditions, the managed solutions provide four tiers of assistance.


With over 40 years of experience, E Trade is striving to provide accessible trading opportunities for everyone while keeping costs low and leveraging technology. From its knowledge of user’s need, the website has all the answers to the stockiest with easy and simple way. Overall, E Trade is a leading website in broker’s comparison with efforts to improve its educational content, charting capabilities, and transparency.

Trading Options: E Trade offers its customers several asset classes including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, CDs, options (4 legs), futures, currencies, penny stocks, and OTCBB. E Trade customers can only sell fractional stock and ETF shares; they cannot buy fractional shares. It also offers short sales. Although E Trade does not offer direct crypto trading, but customers can trade BTC-CME Bitcoin Futures.

Type of Orders: E Trade offers various order types, but not all order types are available on each trading platform. The standard order types are available including market, limit, stop limit, and trailing stop. E Trade has the clear leader in order types because of the larger selection across all platforms.


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